Sunday, March 27, 2005

Judge Greer's Dilemma - And Why I Have No Sympathy For It

Fox News has presented this article about Judge Greer. In it, Fox News describes him as:
a conservative Christian and longtime Republican known for an easy manner
One of Judge Greer's friends says:
"The people in that church should be ashamed of themselves, to demonize George and to ask him to leave for doing his job, for upholding the law," [Mary Repper] said. "To me, that was the most offensive thing that has happened so far."
"Just doing your job" is no defense for disobeying God's law. God's law says that the weak and the innocent who are too weak to defend themselves are to be defended. It doesn't matter what man's law says, God's commandments are to be obeyed.

If Judge Greer could not find a way to apply Florida law under the requirements of God's commandments, t hen he should have immediately resigned. To say "I just followed the law" is no excuse. Period.

One group I respect is Judge Greer's church. His pastor followed the Biblical approach of privately rebuking a member for non-Christian behavior, and then publically ending that person's membership if there is no repentance. Judge Greer may have chosen to leave, but it is not "demonizing" as Ms. Repper stated. Judge Greer disobeyed God's law. When a Christian does so unrepentantly, it is the local congregation's obligation to tell the unrepentant to leave.

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