Tuesday, March 22, 2005

No News, at all

The two tikes had an expecially bad behavior day a couple of days ago, and Milady and I agreed that it was primarily because of too much TV. Milady said no more Dish Network, and I shut it off completely. Since the siding guys have taken the dish off the roof, there's no way it's coming back, either.

The only problem with this is that I feel isolated from the "real world" of talking heads, even though Cutie-Pie and Holmes (as Neal Boortz calls Hannity and Colmes) and Scarborough are as close to "real" as the Weekly World News. (Don't even start on Chris Matthews, Lou Dobbs, or Larry King....) I get tired of the shouting, yet I want more. I must be addicted or something. TV talk: the crack cocaine of television. It has a ring to it. ;) Michael Savage is the closest to a talking head as I can get now, and he's a blowhard with a microphone (sorry, Michael, gotta call them as I see them).

Looks like I'm stuck with foxnews.com and the blogs as my source for "real news". At lea st I know the biases there.

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