Monday, March 7, 2005

Sad Mac

I've had fairly good luck with computers over the years. I've got a 15 year old Mac IIsi that still boots every time I turn it on. I've only had one lemon out of new purchases, and that one I built from parts. Work machines were sometimes an exception, but given how hard I've been on them (a LOT more use per day than the home machines), I've not considered their failure rate exceptional. However, my work iMac G5 has decided that it hates me much earlier than I would have liked. I think it got jealous when I brought Milady's new Toshiba laptop in to copy the MP3 collection... ;)

It is drawing video pretty much randomly across the screen, and periodically freezing to boot. Terribly disappointing considering how pro-Apple I've been (and still am) of late. The only problem is that I'm now having to work on the 700MHz P3 running Windows XP that I managed to salvage from the graveyard 3 months ago while I was waiting on my iMac to get here. Going from a real machine to this piece of junk hurts.

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