Sunday, March 27, 2005

Sometimes its the simplest stuff

This morning, I woke up warm. Until we got the new windows & siding on the house, that was a terribly rare occurance that took turning the furnace up onto 75. This morning, it's in the 30s outside, but I was toasty warm inside. Number 1 son has been having allergy drainage, and this morning at 6AM he threw up a bunch of it. I don't like the smell of even 2 or 3 hour old vomit, so I came down and put the soiled stuff in the washer, and finished cycling the wash ahead of it. Then I went to turn out the lights in the utility room and head back to bed, when I thought "Why does this room feel like a sauna?"

The cats had knocked the vent pipe for the dryer off the wall, and the dryer had been venting straight into the room. We have a 2 year old dryer, so it's really good at drying clothes. The walls and the cabinets were wet. I felt like there should have been a hot rock to pour water on.

Up goes the window, and its companions in the family room, to clear the air. Since the bui lder was too cheap to do the vent right, I have to stick my fat hands through a small opening in the drywall to put the vent hose back on. That takes forever, in the cold wind coming from outside, and the sauna on the inside.

I finally have it back on, and the window's still open to help clear the last of the moisture out of the air.

It's amazing how the Lord can use even the most mundane of things to set your life back into perspective.

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