Tuesday, March 22, 2005


I mourn for the pain that Terri Schiavo must feel now. I cannot imagine the torture that she is suffering right now.

I mourn for the Schindler family. Watching their daughter sit for a decade in nursing facilities when they are sure that simple physical therapy would help her is torture.

I mourn for Michael Schiavo. I cannot understand the drive to starve a spouse, no matter how it might be said spouse's desire. I couldn't do it to Milady, even if she told me she wanted me to do so. Moreover, I mourn that he has felt the desire to commit adultery with multiple women, including his current live-in lover.

I mourn for George Felos. He has truly made bitter sweet and sweet bitter.

I mourn for Judge Greer. He has decided that it is more important to have the right to die than it is to preserve life. I cannot excuse that he was just doing his job. He desired to make the decision he did, and his desire was death. I mourn that he has felt the need to seperate himself from his last church, as this is a sign that his walk with God is not right.

I mourn for the doctors who are killing Terri. They have decided that it's more important to die than live, to kill than to first do no harm. The people whom we have counted on to serve us in making us better are now our lords who can decide who deserves to live, and who isn't good enough to live.

Most of all, I mourn for this society. Our society has decided that it is more important to do what we want than to to obey God. We sacrifice our children to convenience and "lack of desire" like the followers of Molech of old. Put the old people and the infirm in a nursing home, and help the pained and hurting end their suffering with pills or gas. Above all, make sure that no one who has a lower quality of life bothers our quality of life.

America, be very afraid. Ninevah repented in front of Jonah. Rome repented upon the blood of the Christian martyrs. We know of the miracles that would have saved Sodom a nd Gamorrah, Tyre and Sidon, yet we work on committing sins that would have made them tremble!

The Bible says that the Lord gives those who are in sin over to their own desires. I fear that this is our fate, America, that our desires will be the end of us. This I mourn most of all.

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