Saturday, March 12, 2005

This time 10 years ago

I was in Beattyville, KY, sitting outside Tincher's Motel in the cold. How I got there was an interesting story.

Milady is from Beattyville, and we went to her hometown to get married. On the 11th, we went to Cedar Village in Irvine for the rehersal dinner, and then went back to the hotel. My dad, grandfather, brother-in-law-to-be, and a friend of mine were to stand with me, and my dad was assigned the task of planning the bachelor party. Now, I had no desire to see a stripper or go to a strip club, but it was a bit depressing that my father was too cheap to propose a trip to a "decent" strip club in Lexington. Instead, he proposed a trip to a Richmond club. It's really nice to know your father thinks so much of you that he'll take you to a scuzzy strip club for your wedding. ;)

Instead of a bad bachelor party, we went back to the hotel. Somehow, everyone ended up in the room my friend and I shared. And then they started smoking. Luckily, I was less allergic to smoke then than I am now (these days, I start having asmtha-like symptoms around smokers), but my entire family smokes. I finally couldn't breath, so I went outside. I sat outside talking to the maid for almost 2 hours. Finally, my family got too tired of talking and went to bed, so I could go back to bed myself.

Milady and I wanted to both contain costs and make things work easier for everyone, so we did pictures before the wedding. I saw Milady wearing that white dress, and I almost passed out. She was so beautiful. If I'd not seen her until she walked down the eisle, I'd have locked my knees and passed out for sure.

The week before the marriage we had one of the worst snowstorms of the decade, but the weather that day was the best I could have asked for. We had members of my family I hadn't seen in years drive about 3 hours to come to us, and people from campus (I was still in UK then) drive 2 hours to come. We were so blessed by our guests.

The funny thing is, Milady still k eeps getting more beautiful every day.... :)

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